We are happy to see a movement in the designer toy scene in Europe. Last month a famous designer RICH:ART (Ricard Wimmer) announced his first designer toy the "OFF" and presented it in one of the hottest trend stores in the capital city of Austria at SIXXA Store Vienna. It seems as it is the first Designer Toy which was done by an Austrian Artist and we are really proud to present you THE "OFF" on

THE OFF (Slang for Ape in Austria) is the alter ego of designer RICH:ART, which the artist incorporates into his illustrations in many different ways.

The OFF revolts against babbitt and smarty-pants and represents an outlet for all creative and open-minded people in the daily fight for style and innovation. He´s open to change and OFFers himself up to new creative projects. On the other side he goes OFFline when the monkey business gets too much for him.

Apish, OFFbeat and progressive are just some of the characteristics of Designer and Toy in times of uniformity and standardization.

The motto is: „STYLE DOES MATTER!
the OFF Vinyl Toy:
200 pieces limited Edition Design (numbered & signed)
100 pices PINK blank

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